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Human Resource (HR)

Simplifying Employee Management

From a smooth and flawless onboarding process to ensuring an engaging employee experience, HR teams can now be at the crux of every activity to better maintain employee productivity and happiness.


Right from policies, training, to accessing daily tasks, WeConnect’s cohesive platform has made the onboarding experience swifter and effective avoiding delays in this process.

WeConnect Appspace

WeConnect’s platform feature increases workspace interaction by enabling employees to participate in polls, surveys, and other tools. This easily helps HR in collecting not just employees’ feedback but also in creating a fruitful workspace communication.

Information Technology (IT)

Cohesive Support And Services

Where traditional intranet fails, WeConnect takes over with accessible API’s which aids the IT team as well as the company. In turn providing them with a collaborative digital ecosystem.

100% Data Protection

Our Control Admin Panel ensures that IT teams can operate their application and widgets right from its inception through its end. It is web-based and combines with LDAP for authentication. All applications are fully encrypted to further protect all data.

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is WeConnect's ultimate goal for which we have a well trained and certified team at your fingertips. ECO Connect is here to deliver maximum productivity and quick solutions to all your technical problems.

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Corporate Communications

Building An Efficient Workplace

Above everything, effective corporate communications is the most important challenge a company has to face in order to progress as a team and WeConnect has made sure that they deliver this in the best way possible.

Flexible Platform

At WeConnect, all important happenings are highlighted like news, events, etc. in such a way that the employees don’t feel side-tracked. Our platform’s only purpose is to bridge the communication gap between the management and the employees for a better work culture.

Crisp And Clear Communication

With traditional mediums like email chains failing, WeConnect uses a selective and a more enhanced way of only delivering prime time material to the employees. Thus,enhancing company-employee relationships.


Adding Creative Elements

WeConnect’s Intranet & Digital Workplace Solution is set out to change the face and functioning of the people behind the desk who make every mundane task smooth too.

Expressive Communication

With WeConnect’s Intranet and Digital Workplace Solution you can be sure that your Admin team will feel the need to be more expressive. The helpdesk feature will give them a sense of happiness as they are now directly impacting the lives of their colleagues on a daily basis by solving their problems.

Collaborative Platform

Further, this feature not only helps them take care of the travel and health needs of the company but also connects them with the customers too which in turn plays a direct role in the company’s relationship with its clients.

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Ensuring A Smooth Strategy

In order to give a helping hand for companies to further their outreach in the market, WeConnect has made quite a lot of functions available for improved results.

Quick Campaign Management

In order to avoid the hassle of switching back and forth between different teams for suggestions and approvals for marketing campaigns, WeConnect has simplified it by providing one platform where everyone can share or give feedback on different campaigns in an organized and easy to access profile.

Easy Campaign Performance

By presenting an integrated platform for all Campaign management needs, WeConnect has lessened the burden of prolonged communication as now the marketing team can also track ongoing campaign performance


Employee Recognition and Redressal

WeConnect is a well-governed platform that drives employee engagement while emphasising on hassle free internal communication.

Keeping it Social

WeConnect enables you to encourage your employees to remain social and reward them with instant recognition.

Easy Does it

A user friendly intranet which is designed to let everyone use and interact without having any prior technical knowledge. It will be a cake walk to address real time problems of employees and measure insights with WeConnect.

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Engaging Employee Benefits

"We at WeConnect believe in building effective company-employee relationships through our one-stop communication platform. And in order to achieve maximum performance and profits, WeConnect you with the best interactive communication solutions here"

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